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Monday, May 22, 2017

Third Set of Cross-Genre Projects

In our semester's third artist-writer pairing, we looked at the site-specific, temporary sculpture of Andy Goldsworthy alongside the public poetry of Walt Whitman. On Thursday of last week, writing students were put into pairs and given a task to make something in response to or embodying the spirit of Goldworthy's work, while art students were put into pairs and asked to do the same for Whitman. The catch: They had about an hour to make their pieces. What you see below are the results. [Click on images for larger and sharper views.]

Emerson Lee and Sage Theule:
"you're emo..."
"stop bullying:"
"Jesus is watching"

Kat Ashdown and Brandon Steadman:

Andrea Riskey and Matthew Porter:

Juliette Inocelda and Marisa Lim:

Dianna Hernandez and Claire Zasso:


Alea Peister and Carly Evans:

Kelsey Meyers and Lauren Frey:

Laura Webster and Lauren Fitterer:

Sean Leone and Anamika Gurung:

Michelle Parada and Bri McGroarty:

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