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Saturday, April 15, 2017


This week, Vision, Voice, and Practice participated in Biola's 4th annual Celebration of Student Writing. Our class made a number of projects under the influence of fiction writer George Saunders and visual artist Liz Nurenberg meant to encourage interactive acts of listening and communal action. One project, by VVPer Sage Theule, blends the faces of pairs of CSW attendees. Other projects asked participants to interact with material, to work together, or to simply pay better attention. You can see several photographs by current VVPer Brandon Steadman here, and a few more on the Biola Instagram page, here. Or, simply scroll down.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Field Trip!

Last weekend, our class took a trip to the California African American Museum and the Los Angeles Natural History Museum in order to look at art and installations meant to educate as well as satisfy the eye, part of a semester-long emphasis on listening well and considering the public voice of poetry and art.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Extended Collaborations #2: Privileging the Picture Plane

 [Click images for larger, higher res views]

 Marisa Lim and Claire Zasso:

Kelsey Meyers and Sean Leone:

Lauren Fitterer and Carly Evans:

Emerson Lee and Juliette Inocelda:

Andrea Riskey and Michelle Parada:

Bri McGroarty and Matthew Porter:

Sage Theule and Kat Ashdown:

Lauren Frey and Anamika Gurung:

Laura Webster and Alea Peister:

Dianna Hernandez and Brandon Steadman: