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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cross-Genre Conversation Pieces #1

The following pieces were made by art students working under the influence of Marianne Moore, and by writing students working under the influence of Joseph Cornell.

Anamika Gurung:

Lauren Fitterer:

Juliette Inocelda:

Laura Webster:

Sean Leone:

Michelle Parada:

Bri McGroarty:

Sage Theule:

Brandon Steadman:

Marisa Lim:

Andrea Riskey:

 Dianna Hernandez:

Carly Evans:

Claire Zasso:

Lauren Frey:

Matthew Porter:

 Alea Peister:

 Kelsey Meyers:

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

VVP Alumnus Makes Good!

Over on the English Department blog, former VVPer Justin Potesta (English major, art minor, class of 2013) gives an interview about how his Biola education helped him prepare for his nascent law career. Here's part of the interview that might seem especially relevant to students in this class:
What advice would you give to a current Biola student majoring in English? Or what's something you did in college that later helped you professionally?

(1) Good writing is rewriting; (2) in writing and in life, take risks; (3) write letters to authors, artists, academics, scientists, professionals, and public servants about stuff you care about; (4) read the newspaper at the tall tables in the Caf every day; (5) good writing is rewriting.
Read the rest of the short interview here.

Event this week! Come out!!!!

[Click the image for a larger view.]

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Katie Manning visits VVP

Last night, the poet and teacher Katie Manning visited campus to give a reading with our resident fiction writer (and playwright) Paul Buchanan. This morning, Katie came to VVP to talk about her practice, read some poems, share some revision tips, and explore the relationship between writing and visual arts. She then joined in our conversation as we looked at work our students made. It was a great visit, the sort of thing we're lucky enough to be able to do in this class. If you read only one of her poems, read this one, which she shared with us last night.

Extended Collaborations #1: Privileging the Text Plane

A couple weeks back, our students presented the results of the first of their extended collaborations, where artists and writers work together to make an object that contains both alphabetic and visual information. This first extended collaboration was to privilege a site where alphabetic text occurs--in the case of the work you'll see below, that meant a birthday cake, fortune cookies, a refrigerator door, a day planner, a book cover, a book, a jean jacket, and a journal. [Click on the images for clearer views.]

Alea Peister, Sean Leone, Sage Theule:

Anamika Gurung, Dianna Hernandez:

Claire Zasso, Michelle Parada:

Kelsey Meyers, Juliette Inocelda:

 Laura Webster, Brandon Steadman, Emerson Lee:

Marisa Lim, Matthew Porter:

Bri McGroarty, Andrea Riskey:

Carly Evans, Katheryne Ashdown:

Lauren Fitterer, Lauren Frey: