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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Final Image/Text Conversation

This was a final one-class session collaboration project where the student teams had one hour and a $10 budget to create a site-specific installation using image and text.

Final Cross-Genre Conversation, Goldsworthy and O'Hara

Monday, May 26, 2014

Class Salon

Once a semester we turn the class over to the students to present their individual practice. Each student shares a selection of their semesters work. Here are a few examples of the visual artists work.

Nate Fan
 Lisl Ruckert
Katelyn Seitz

Lit Odom
Josue Luna
Lauren Higgins
Nico Hernandez

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Text under the influence of Steve Roden

- Katherine Baker
- Jake Anderson
Hiding or Hidden?
     I sit and stare and start to see tiny black bugs stuck in a spider's web. The web hangs in a tree against a backdrop of flowers and the sky beyond. Sticky fibers catch and entangle. Soon the bugs will be mummified in a silky coffin. No movement to suggest a struggle. Halo of green glows boldly and flowers hang in leafy space. Border of gray. Flat and deep all at once. There will be only a moment of fear before the hugs get swallowed up.

     I shift positions. Wait. I'm not sure of what I saw before. Now there are odd shaped ladders forming something like an octagon. It's encircled by static. Parallel rungs move toward the center where there are small black diamonds hiding among other colorful gems of citrus and emerald and nightfall blue. What are the rough gray shapes? I don't remember what I thought they were before. I turn my head to the side. It looks like a spikey balloon trapped inside a cloud. What does it mean now?

- Liv Hays



Liberty can endure.
Created portion of this brave place,
Devotion struggled, living on full cause.
New world, what for those the years
Gave war.
We who dedicated the great cause remember all.
These men who fought on
Concecrated ground, our new continent,
Little can conceive in freedom.
People cannot all sense.
Living honored and civil,
For far over final fields altogether created
Birth of advanced fathers.

Process: Assigned numeral digits to colors, and used words from the Gettysburg address to rewrite the number pi.

- Victoria Van Vlear


- Michael Asmus