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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cross-Genre Conversation

In this project, students made digitally created works that referenced (or responded to), in some way, the poetry of Marianne Moore and the boxes of Joseph Cornell.


The Parrot

Lima bean
Hue—feathers decorate his lightweight
Frame, fit for flight. The crate
Imprisons him and renders feathered

Useless things.
Scarlet spots tinge his lime; yellow gold
Seeps in the creaséd fold
Of feathers and highlights his head’s crest.

Like moonlight,
Contrasts sharply with his tropical
Colors, like a strong call
for him to soar out into azure

Or else die
Without ever recognizing the wealth
Of wings, the need for health
In catapulting his soul into clouds

Misty air
May baptize him with dew drops. Yet he
Loses the mystery
And ecstatic freedom. How can one

In confines
The satisfaction which is beyond
The crate in which he’s bound?
Some early mornings where the alarm

(Parrot flocks!)
Me to awakeness, I resent those
creatures’ obnoxious noise.
But I peek out window blinds at the

Of the birds
Perched together on the power lines.
It’s part of God’s design,
And I accept their songs of freedom.

- Bri Mikalson



perched on a brown, wooden branch
  in front of The Hotel Eden—
  splattered in spots of white;
beak gripping a long black wire,
  looping through branch; through bird to box,
and pointing upward
as the bird stares at the box of rings.

Off-centered spool holding black
  in a box of white and flattened
  spring, the destination
of the parrot’s eyes, connecting
  ball orange, rolling from end to
end, hoping to reach
its green friend. Isolated, they remain.

- Roy Chung


- Sara Nordstrom


"Moore's Box" - A Game  [click link to play!]

- Eugene Lee


- Josh Knopf


- Greg Ambrose


- Lauren Morford


- Dorea Marshall


the sea became my home so often
the sand my rest
the waves my life.
my hair tells of where i sleep,
sand pours out like water.

i put my feet in to take me away,
and on to other things,
but i am brought back.

- Jacob Sanchez


 - Ashley Brimmage

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Extended Collaborations #1

Students worked on putting together objects/projects that combined alphabetic text and visual information. For this first collaboration, students were asked to privilege the text plane.

Roy Chung and Gregory Ambrose:
Sara Nordstrom, Dorea Marshall, Bri Mikalson:
Lauren Morford and Jacob Sanchez:
Joshua Knopf and Eugene Lee:
Ashley Brimmage, Trevor Lunde, Michael Garcia:

Friday, February 9, 2018

Classroom Desk Art - Spring 2018

We hold VVP in a pretty drab classroom. The students who take classes in it throughout the week do their best to liven it up. [Click the images for larger views.]