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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

VVP Alumnus Makes Good!

Over on the English Department blog, former VVPer Justin Potesta (English major, art minor, class of 2013) gives an interview about how his Biola education helped him prepare for his nascent law career. Here's part of the interview that might seem especially relevant to students in this class:
What advice would you give to a current Biola student majoring in English? Or what's something you did in college that later helped you professionally?

(1) Good writing is rewriting; (2) in writing and in life, take risks; (3) write letters to authors, artists, academics, scientists, professionals, and public servants about stuff you care about; (4) read the newspaper at the tall tables in the Caf every day; (5) good writing is rewriting.
Read the rest of the short interview here.

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