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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Extended Collaborations #1: Privileging the Text Plane

A couple weeks back, our students presented the results of the first of their extended collaborations, where artists and writers work together to make an object that contains both alphabetic and visual information. This first extended collaboration was to privilege a site where alphabetic text occurs--in the case of the work you'll see below, that meant a birthday cake, fortune cookies, a refrigerator door, a day planner, a book cover, a book, a jean jacket, and a journal. [Click on the images for clearer views.]

Alea Peister, Sean Leone, Sage Theule:

Anamika Gurung, Dianna Hernandez:

Claire Zasso, Michelle Parada:

Kelsey Meyers, Juliette Inocelda:

 Laura Webster, Brandon Steadman, Emerson Lee:

Marisa Lim, Matthew Porter:

Bri McGroarty, Andrea Riskey:

Carly Evans, Katheryne Ashdown:

Lauren Fitterer, Lauren Frey:

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