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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cross-Genre Conversation Piece #3

This past Thursday, students were put into twos, according to their kind (writer with writer, artist with artist), and given about 50 minutes to make a piece that responded to the last artist/writer pair whose work we looked at: sculptor Andy Goldsworthy and poet Frank O'Hara. In those 50 minutes the writers had to make a text-based piece that embodied or responded to Andy Goldsworthy's work, and the artists had to make an image-based piece that embodied or responded to Frank O'Hara's work. Below are the results. [All photographs, save one, by Chris Rasmussen.]

Abby Zilka & Jessamy Delling:

Ian Heisler & Johanna Hickle:

Marisa Lainson & Kristin Rasmussen:

Janet Diaz & Natalie Crane:

Kelly McBride & Lex Aquilina:

The picture below shows a three-person collaboration, of Kaitlin Lanning, Ian Koh, Chris Davidson. Each group member read aloud a collaboratively made poem that was culled from language they overheard while taking a brief walk around campus.
Kristen Hatakeda & Nathaniel Colbert:

 The piece pictured below, made by Maggie Hulstein & Aaron Kang, is a "copy" of the Goldsworthy sculpture, made of snow, which follows it:

Amy Geiken & Holly Collier:

The following piece, made by Zechariah "Z" Liszewski & Adrianna Coe, involved putting a box on one's head while listening to a recording of Z (holding the phone) reading Frank O'Hara's "Metaphysical Poem." That poem is also the inspiration of the video piece that follows it.

Sean Rothfuss & Chris Rasmussen:

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