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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Class Salon

We just had our class Salon. The event took two class sessions where each student shared examples of work from their individual practice. The writers read examples of their prose or poetry and the artists selected examples of their work and displayed them through out the room. Each student shared their practice intentions and talked about how the class had informed the work(s) being presented.
Here are some examples:

Zechariah Liszewski:

Adrianna Coe:

Ian Heisler:

Natalie Crane:

Chris Rasmussen:

Janet Diaz:

Kristen Hatakeda:

Maggie Hulstein:

Nathaniel Colbert:

Amy Geiken:

Ian Koh:

Lex Aquilina:

Kaitlin Lanning:
Kelly McBride:
She never thought there was no west left

when she reached the coast, my grandmother

With bouffant hair, red Thunderbird,

newborn daughter. Orange County

was still oranges, strawberry fields,

and besides her husband was on an aircraft carrier

in the Pacific flying planes to Vietnam. 

There was always more west left to want.



There were no Mary-mother-of-God prints

on grilled cheese or sea green virgins

of tract housing paint.  As I sat on a pipeline

over a drainage ditch river, it came at me like a scream,

like the split shutter-second when your eyes and ears,

alive for once, register each sixty-mile-an-hour engine,

each headlight distinct and roaring into you.

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