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Monday, May 28, 2012

Individual Practice - Dan Fawcett

Car Keys

He's treated me poorly all these years. Stuffing me into his pocket - with the lint! I'll snap in half next time I'm in the ignition.


Duct Tape

They really screwed up this time. Punching a hole in the side of the universe isn't an easy fix. But I always patch everything up.


Melpomene mused more morosely.
“My maidens and menservants cannot
make me merry,” she cried melodically.

“Was that a minor key?” I thought.
I held my hand behind my ear. “It has to be.”
I listened, but surprisingly she did not.

I stretched my ear close, yet what I heard
Was wild and weird. It was not
Her normal, melancholy dirge.

“My mythic metaphors miss the mark.
I wish for inspiration.” And then two worlds merged.
“Mortal,” she meant me, “I want something dark.”

Could a more morbid command be given?
For the most malefic art.
To implant ideas in the mistress of depression?

- Dan Fawcett

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