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Friday, May 3, 2013


This week, in addition to finishing up our second cross-genre pieces (art made under the influence of Frank O'Hara; writing made under the influence of Andy Goldsworthy) and reading a manifesto on work by Dorothy Sayers, our class was graced by two visitors: Michael Liaw and Linnea Gabriella Spransy.

Liaw, a Biola alum and UCI MFA grad, talked to us about ArtForms Whittier, an after-school arts education program in its nascent stages.
We invited him to talk about this project, about how a maker of things like himself might apply his gifts outward, to one's larger community.

Later that morning, we were visited by Spransy, who spoke to us about her practice of painting and for the artist's need for community.
[Forgive the dim image.] Spransy talked to us as well about the importance of placing restrictions on the process of making, of the need for patience (both in craft and in learning), and of making making a habit. Her talk seemed custom made for this course, as these are all key themes of this course. Some of her remarkable work can be viewed here.

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