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Monday, April 8, 2013

More on the management of information

If this blog were The Awl, this item would be under the headline "What a World":

The NY Times has started a page of haiku derived from its own stories. You can view it here. Goldsmith, et. al. are more prescient than perhaps they know we knew! [Here's an excerpt from his book Day.]

Two examples from the Times site that I particularly liked:


Also, related: The crazy technology (new, yes) allowing people to use photographs of old record albums to recreate the sound of their recordings, which have been otherwise lost or destroyed. Somehow this is both breathtaking and unsurprising. The second adjective's the one I worry about (for myself).

Also: In the sermon at church yesterday about how people co-create by rearranging the material of the universe given to them (paraphrased): "I can't eat a bowl of flour, a bowl of sugar, a cup of oil, an egg, and some cocoa and say I've eaten a cake."

The material:

The object:

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