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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Today / This Week!

Today, our class was visited by Rachelle Chuang, a bookmaker and instructor of book arts (and other design courses) at various colleges around Southern California. (Please check out her website.) She brought a bunch of material and instructions for how to do a number of different kinds of bookbinding. She walked our students through the Three-Hole Pamphlet Stitch and the Japanese Binding Stitch. At the end of class, our students had each made two lovely books of blank paper. Photographs are forthcoming.


Writers/Artists Touched On This Week:

Joseph Cornell
Piet Mondrian
Robert Motherwell
Marianne Moore
Terry Eagleton
Walker Percy, "The Loss of the Creature"
Nick Waterhouse, "Time's All Gone"
Eddie Vedder, "Guarantee"

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