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Thursday, March 3, 2011


VVP alum Melissa Gutierrez shared with me a link to an online journal, The Caterpillar Chronicles, which aims to create image/text-based artifacts, much like the stuff we're making in this class. At first blush, the journal seems like a(nother), conventional literary mag, but there is a collaborative intentionality at work in it that is easily missed if you skip over the editors' note at the beginning. The Image & Text project, we learn, collects poems inspired by--or written in response to--a particular photograph. Projects like these comprise the magazine's content. (And it reads like a magazine, too, with a beautiful interface.) My favorite thing, on first perusal, is Alexandra Magearu's "Thoughts About the End of the World," for which she provided both the words and images. It's an elegant, thoughtful piece.

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